Psychonautics; End Quote.

by MC Hyphen8d

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    this project is an appetizer to my full length '90s rock sampled album coming soon. these beats produced by Gene Munger. recorded, mixed and mastered by Jay Battle at The Battlefield, lyrics by MC Hyphen8d of State Of The Artist,

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this project is hatched from familiarity. i held the producer when he was born, grew up with him and his siblings reading mythology, philosophy, and fiction. i have explored my psyche with the baby that i held is his own man now, and he gifted me these beats. these are the words that ensued.


released September 6, 2012

Production-Gene Munger
Lyrics-Nathan 'MC Hyphen8d' Fihn
Engineer-Jay Battle at The Battlefield
Album art and track art stolen from Vladimir Kush



all rights reserved


mc hyphen8d Friday Harbor, Washington

1/3 of State Of The Artist. Son of the Pacific NW. Seattle bred and buttered. @hylight @weareSOTA

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Track Name: MC Hyphen8d prod. Gene Munger - Geoff Ryman
you choose who you are in life, so it is foolish to resent the need to work-geoff ryman

mind melding, flip the page/
time melting into age/
im belting this array of words into the general disarray/
not here to make history/
I'm here to make philosophy/
how i got heres a mystery/
and what I'm here for isn't quite as lost to me/
and really quite possibly/
the shit is in the bag like colostomy (gross)/
but its all medical here/
time draws to a close been a helluva year/
struck a few poses all juxtaposed with/
the higher self that i been hoping is near/
and near it is i know/
and i clearly hear the spiritual/
every time you hear my baritone/
smell my pheromones you know there it goes/
and there i go with it/
body solid prolly cuz the mind prolific/
naughty sorry commissary style go get it/
im a man of fire I'm a man with a mission/
theres not a plan like this one/
cuz they aint playin like this one/
MVP him am greedy/
him a want it all but ill share with the needy/
hit the snare let it feed me/
feed me a beat i need it like a peace treaty/
kill it so i sleep easy/
fill it to the ceiling know its real when you see me/
and if you don't I'm missing you/
i hope you keep everything i give to you/
its all precious mind over message/
mind over matter doesn't matter if you acid/
burn through the bass/
but those who burn bridges get spurned and disgraced/
I'm just learning the pace/
and i aint worried about taste/
if you like what you hear and you know what you feel/
than god dammit, I'm right in my place.
Track Name: MC Hyphen8d prod. Gene Munger - Henry Miller
the moment one gives close attention to anything even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious awesome indescribably magnificent world in itself. -henry miller

life is perspective, scale subjective/
its all about how u see hear feel and when u felt it/
some people say its facts or the racks that get u wealthy/
so its racks on facts on racks put facts on wax until they meltin/
an now we drowned in info, and unless the kids is sheltered/
they all ADD an nympho an their minds is helter skelter/
welter weight goin for that belt of the most important human/
champion of that ego we go so far but aint movin/
can i get my own tv show? so you can see wat im doin/
an im doin anything that i can in the ring no holds barred i aint losin/
unless i am, than we all are, damn, see the cop car?/
dont worry any press is good press sacrifice yoself at that alter/
and dont falter and dont think dont learn and dont progress/
dont question all the things that you are told you must possess/
im sorry i digress, let me zoom back into micro/
when you live in the public microscope you change like brother michael/
all our idols either die or they live to fall from grace/
its all about inner peace, thats wats outside outerspace/
once the lenses get too big, its back again to small/
call it I and WE or the GOD in ME or call it spring to fall/
its all seasons and change, time is just a ripple/
the observer, the observed, we are both and thats the riddle/
im talkin fish in the ocean and bird up in the sky/
its a different existence but to swim is to fly/
and if u lived on the sea floor, man don't u think ud see more/
but mans creating monsters in each other like we're igor/
whos dr frankenstein? is it you or is it I?/
is god some fucked up scientist whos hypothesis went awry?/
and i want to cry and break my bonds, jump out these petri dishes/
im tired of being reincarnated to learn a lesson/
im tired faded and stressin, wired jaded and guessin/
mired down in depression the cures in my possession/
the solutions nutrition, not your beautician/
teach yourself your value and forgo that tuition/
exercise and stretchin, divine intervention/
and youre divine so love yourself until you come to fruition/
and i am just a man, better yet a musician/
so i do wat i can with the tool in my hand its a mic so wat is missin?/
you. my audience, let me adjust our ambience/
soundman turn the lights down low and turn me up in my monitors/
woo, im kinda nervous but the efforts wat its good for/
and as it stand wat you find depends on wat you look towards/
Track Name: MC Hyphen8d prod. Gene Munger - Jerome Kagan
Genes and family determine the foundation of the house but time and place determine its form- jerome kagan

its really been a while since im walkin with a mild limp/
they told me i should break a leg so i went an slipped/
i laid up in my bedroom, crisis existential/
they told me i need therapy to live to my potential/
but all i needs this pen, and maybe just a notepad/
and compared to where i been its not so bad...its not soo bad/
its been so long comin, feel like i been runnin/
breathin hard beatin out my chest my heart is pumpin/
bleedin from my eyes, tears on my pillow/
they told me love heals all but it feels like loves a killer and i know/
it takes time, you take urs cuz u kno i took mine/
and though i never met u i feel i done u wrong/
they tried to teach me different but this is my song...this is my song/
its nature versus, but nurtures working/
the path is windin, buildin up inertia swervin/
im drivin, its not a porsche or a suburban/
its a rocking chair on the porch like I'm mister picture perfect/
a portugese man of war, the sting is hurtin/
its lethal evil eagles flyin an they wings is workin/
god bless the brave america the home of/
my parents visit the grave where i buried my diploma/
chose this music over, school i am an artist/
the truth is sobering an thats cool cuz im regarded as/
a fool, caught up in the balderdash/
i got the heat that cauldron has a pinch of oak and alder ash/
eye of newt an rat, blood and tooth of bat/
a curse upon and word is bond yall deservin that/
im here to murder rap, and beat the murder rap/
and relocate to a place where they never heard of rap/
or cockin burners back im burnin daylight and im dreamin/
about the youth in the struggle they fightin an they screamin/
im gettin steadily older, its weighin heavy my shoulders/
are getting stronger tho so soon ill be the perfect soldier/
the perfect storm, the wind is blowin/
im at the eye of the hurricane, curlin an hurlin boulders/
titan to a god, lightning to a rod/
the trident on my fitted is akin to wallace sword/
brave heart fast mouth thru which i do my speakin/
like they may take our lives but were comin for our freedom.
Track Name: MC Hyphen8d prod. Gene Munger - Jerry Garcia
to get really high is to forget yourself, and to forget yourself is to see everything else, and to see everything else is to become an understanding molecule in evolution, a conscious tool of the universe-jerry garcia

psychedelic swirls, worlds into being and/
my life isn't lost yet but sometimes its like the meaning is/
hey are you seeing this? or am i just lone wolf'in it/
this fungus got me howling at this moon faced girl I'm with/
and she don't know I'm morphin' cuz she just snorted morphine/
some lines have hooks on the end of em and some peoples nature porcine/
pig like greedy intelligent but needy/
irrelevant to the treaty that we made like peace is easy/
its not. so we work. and we lose ourselves in play/
and i just absorbed this tab so lets lose ourselves today/
I'm on that high, that roll, that acid in my throat/
digesting what we think we know til eventually we throw up/
and its neon and we're scared, cuz thats not really right/
these thoughts turn to blackness but this pill is pearly white/
like its chalk,so we draw. on the sidewalk of this earth/
til we shrink to the size of our consciences and jump right off this curb/
and then we fall thru a rabbit hole where spiders move mechanical/
and spin webs of stainless steel until we feel like robot animals/
robots will rust, no gods but us/
no history just myth because history is dust/
granules. hour glass. a millennium or an hour passed/
rewinded to those days when i was a kid it was so sour patch/
so sour diesel, so power to the people/
so hippie trippy flipping flicking paint upon an easel/
this pallet is ballet, these colors dance for me/
and they melt til i become one with resplendent blasphemy/
don't blow my high (high) if you don't know my pain/
and yes i speak in bullet points designed to blow your brains/
im so cobain, so curt, so terse? naw loquacious/
we have a say in how we love so i vote voracious/
veracity thats truth, tenacity thats youth/
an acid trip turned passionate thats death and heres my proof/
you know me. you've seen me. ive lived this life before/
and it could all end so abruptly thats what I'm writing for.
Track Name: MC Hyphen8d prod. Gene Munger - Khalil Gibran
yesterday is but todays memory, and tomorrow todays dream. -khalil gibran

stop me can you help me? save me from myself/
i can only see in sepia from a frame up on that shelf/
am i just a memory, were we just that moment/
is there life outside this haunted house or are these phantoms signs and omens/
i know this, i own it, i remember what this feels like/
do i rest in peace with this memory or do i drag it in to real life?/
im caught and im weary in this wash of dim confusion/
if i cant stop abusin these than how can i make new ones/

memories are where you find me now/
memories are where i rest/
memories are books and pictures on the wall/
memories are ghosts walking through these halls/

now i see the reason, some memories are forever/
memories are the means for having roses in december/
now my rest has turned to restful, peaceful and recharging/
and these walls i felt were closing in have become my secret garden/
and its hard to see these ghosts now as less than invisible friends/
reminders that its not over we move on when the physical ends/
so my eyes are looking forward now but the past is never past/
i sleep hand in hand with my memories in the shade their shadows cast/
Track Name: MC Hyphen8d prod. Gene Munger - T.S. Eliot
so the lover must struggle for words- ts eliot

loves a crazy one but i keep t t t tryin/
i dont mean to st st stutter but this beat has got me cryin/
eyes tearin suddenly im laughin this music is an itch so efft effit i scratch it/
the tunes a wound i wont let it scab over/
they got the flavor twisted like snyders of hanover/
my bodys lost its mind, my mind has lost its heart/
my heart is lost in yours so thats where ill have to start/
lights flicker on a quite nice spitter/
preparin to deliver cant wait for the right weather/
not just my look its my art what is different/
im feelin allright cuz im smart young and spittin/
im unapologetic but its not what i predicted/
im watchin scenes flash like they on the wall projected/
im probly doin better than wat some of yall expected/
im sorry if im hy, is this the smokin section?
im not used to bein out im usually investin/
my time in something different somethin better than this fiction/
this club is literally smoke and mirrors thats deception/
yall are wilin out an im some introspection/
i kno i got some peers out here but no connections/
probly cuz were all tryna figure out direction/
indigo children in the midst of indigestion/
belly of the beat been rumblin for a second/
lets the fever sweats out lies and misdirections/
wise but im professin i got ignorance in spades/
the journeys never over no matter wat preacher says/
im eatin that apple red the knowledge thats forbidden/
my atoms split this eve so im seein double vision/
2moro ill be whole, psh who am i kiddin/
the truth is life is ruthless and its cold thats why im shiverin/
lucky for the most part, definitely blessed/
i got love that lasts forever as it infinitely stretch/
my ego is an issue im workin on it slowly/
in a world of 7billion hows it fuckin feel so lonely/
apathys a well, my buckets spillin over/
these rhymes are like a will i need it all off my shoulders hold up.
Track Name: MC Hyphen8d prod. Gene Munger - Vladimir Nabokov
revelation can be more perilous than revolution-vladimir nabokov

deep sorrow for the love i have squandered and lost/
but now im steady on the path that i wandered across/
i got a hunger for lust, so im under duress/
and a girl with a philosophy hiding under her dress/
sometimes she wonders and stress because i strayed from the fold/
that means i cheated im a bastard i dont need to be told/
im just a piece of the whole she brought some peace to my gates/
my land was lost in chaos im just a preacher of fate/
dont need a collar, theres not a leash to escape/
i been a dog now i need a dollar seekin some change/
with no aloe, i feel the sting in my marrow/
arrows on my arms for the ghosts of the gallows/
all hallows eve and the sparrows/
leave when the leaves on the trees turn yellow/
seed of the farrow, rye in my whiskey/
fire in my belly turns fright into frisky/
the light thats within me gutters and dims/
this alcohol is the muhfuckin brother of sin/
i gotta stop and i say it often in need of aid and succor/
im tryna stand on my own cuz im not a paper pusher/
so ima seek and start a career and keep speakin/
on this mic to my peers while i fightin my fears/
i fear none who's judgin? i hear some say it appears im here sloughin/
cousin. lyrically im better than most/
and i dont lie on the mic so this is better than boast/
all that i hear is so shallow and empty, mic lames/
cross wires for the spark that is startin these bright flames/
these false pyres, these idols to fame/
are idle hands so the devils at the height of the game/
illuminati or not, you worship status and symbol/
than youve made your own choice and that choice is a limbo/
choose love, and most of your bars would disappear/
think of the kids that are learning what you spit in their ear/
you dont care? cool, get the fuck off the mic/
you get what you put out, so your constructing your life/
whatever is obstructing your sight/
is in ur history so understand youre under the knife/
remove the tumor of trauma, ignore the rumors and drama/
restore ur equilibrium harness ur chi or ur mana/
ur god self king and queens, divine human beings/
ur so much better than the cheddar diamond chains and rings/
if these words ring true please repeat as mantra/
i will overcome my darkness, i will conquer/
i am whole connected to the worlds love/
praises be to the lord and lady here and above/
hear me true for i speak it i peeked behind the curtain/
the arts the architect which is redesigning my hurtin/
in my heart i got the topaz, peekin thru my candor/
beginning of a new world, mosquito in the amber/
gemstone precious, diamond in the rough/
no tricks up my sleeve but im rhymin off the cuff/
the timin is enough and the flows embalming fluid/
the beats a portal i am immortal and falling through it/
while the worlds are overlapping, the thread is far from common/
the pillars of humanity while im writing a column like paper paper/
paper paper fuck the news/
keep saying fuck the system til it starts coming through/
were just maggots in a rotten body, no sarcophagi/
we see the problems in the power so we occupy/
my occupation as a spitters kinda selfish/
i need something holistic to keep the people healthy/
when u see me, kno im more just a rap dude/
i ink these stories so these verses are my tattoos blood simple.