Est. 1985

by MC Hyphen8d

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this is my first attempt at creating a project of my own vision, about me. after 6 years of creating with State Of The Artist ( it was both daunting and exciting. these are all rock songs from the 90s, rearranged by DJ Phinisey ( out of Remedy Recording Studios, Tacoma, WA. i sincerely enjoyed seeing this project come together, Phinisey worked out of the kindness of his heart, please buy the album if you can so i can begin to compensate him for his efforts. ive included the lyrics for maximum enjoyment capacity....without further ado...Est. 19∞5.


released December 21, 2012

Produced by DJ Phinisey
Mixed, Mastered, Recorded at Remedy Recording Studios by DJ Phinisey

Lyrics by MC Hyphen8d of State Of The Artist,



all rights reserved


mc hyphen8d Friday Harbor, Washington

1/3 of State Of The Artist. Son of the Pacific NW. Seattle bred and buttered. @hylight @weareSOTA

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Track Name: Never Ever
Its been a minute, I been in intensive care with vivid/
dreams of livin proper without poppin prescriptions for shits an/
giggles wigglin, thizzin out my problems all forgiven/
if not forgotten, liver rotten alcoholic trippin/ (alcoholic trippin)
thas word to Kendrick uh, thas word to Hendrix but/
not tryna Kurt out (pow) curbed out on an empty couch/
and if you seen me there, you seen me hurtin/
and hopefully you'll be around to see me resurface/
i treat the rock bottom like the rock and pass it roll past it/
hip hop and rock & roll blastin.../
its so massive a cold bastard for many moons/
but now I'm hot I'm so hot, on any tune/
give it to em cuz its all that i know/
they goin dummy Benny Joon cuz they in love with the flow/
and I am one with the crow, so as straight as it flies/
ill be movin towards my dreams and ill be there in no time, walk with me...

you may succeed, you may fail
you may try you may die you may not make bail
you may make it or....
Track Name: Progress
im so ready to fly i got no landing gear/
ready to return don't even 'member when i land here/
steady through the burn sun turns as we gamble near/
like Icharus our wings melt to keep us humbler, uh/
need the Hubble and a contact with Houston/
the boy in the bubble burst out into movement/
butterfly cruisin, anger cocooned in/
bloomed into petal to the metal try an lose them.../
thank the sky I'm alive, y'all hot Hy coo like 5 7 5/
like why even try I'm a shy leader diva fly Hy cheetah spry/
I'm just tryna redefine/
like a jungle cat where you stumble at seem to thrive/
I'm alive through the dirt and lies tuned to the hive mind/
mind where you step thats a word to the wise....

ok i turn my head around I'm backin in but never backin down/
packing the mack in the back of the ac is wack don't bring that strap around/
im crazy too shit, they had to strap me down/
I'm as coo as coup d'etat 'cept that i don't want the crown/
court jester write me off i move freely/
smile lookin goofy but notice my gaze steely/
not a lot escapes me like the bastille see/
pardon the french I'm turning the wrench and collapsing this building/
cooperate a seed here to propogate/
wait and see busy a bee when i pollenate/
breaking columnades, fighting a structure/
you will hear me say this often these are my instructions/
love yourself love your people be patient/
focus on your breath cuz your reactions need space and.../
im a star fleet, but no captain kirk/
I'm just a human too forgive me when i act a jerk...

im a rip roarer slick quick drawer six shooter/
revolver on the hip click hit step forward/
competition shit the thought is foreign sometimes I'm out of it/
but these days i couldn't be any more in/
the pocket like wallets i got the bounce like/
checks when the wallet is empty dollars is downsized/
but I'm expandin. I'm an ex bandit/
sticky like Marv and Harry...very West Hampton/
on the beach lampin' like a genie locked/
chills given from these killer cuts Sweeny Todd/
not no teeny bop rap this is Teen Spirit/
mixed with a flow that is living dope when the fiends hear it/
so get ya fix of Hy, I'm mister mystify/
I'm the whiskey but its all for SOTA get your mixers right/
thas the fam and team running this while ambling/
gamble on this race like the tortoise i am a man of dreams...
Track Name: Wonderwall
back beat, the word is on the street that/
on the low Hy been eatin beats off the beaten path/
if you're in the know, yes, no beat is eaten aft-/
-ER i do my DR thing and leave a track/
flayed open open heart anesthesia/
crackin a rib im packing it in and dammit it coulda been easier/
but you made it hard hey world you made a star/
shining in the dark until i fall but never faint of heart...

when the road winds, and we're all blind
theres so many things to say
you may run, you may hide
or you may be the one to save me
when the road winds and we're all blind
theres so many things to say
you may run you may hide
or you may be the one to save me

today was gonna be the day/
but you'll never find out if you aint ready to catch it and run/
and by now i coulda come down/
from a penny for my thoughts cuz we stretchin the funds/
and catching up. set up get up and just move/
its like the rain let up, and what they fed us it was true/
love. ooh fuck why it hurt than/
never had your heart broke, how you know its working?

when the road winds, and we're all blind
theres so many things to say
you may run, you may hide
or you may be the one to save me
when the road winds and we're all blind
theres so many things to say
you may run you may hide
or you may be the one to save me

today reminds me of the day/
that i told myself id follow what i love with this music/
and the ones that ive lost are like a sad song/
playing in my head but the words are elusive/
who did this thing right the first try?/
show me a chest with no scars, its our birth right/
to screw it all up, and then learn from it/
ive done enough screwing around now my turns comin/

when the road winds, and we're all blind
theres so many things to say
you may run, you may hide
or you may be the one to save me
when the road winds and we're all blind
theres so many things to say
you may run you may hide
or you may be the one to save me

i picked a path now, no more stumble fallin/
and baby picked me thats why I'm out here wonderwallin/
i wonder why cuz i know that I'm missin some things/
missin some friends missin some loves who missin some rings/
but i recently committed to live with my delf/
still have my dark pieces but they sit on the shelf/
and i did it with help so come and ask for it/
lifes a journey and this music is a passport...
Track Name: I Wish
uh, find a faster way to do this/
Han Solo with my blaster on laughing my way to Luke/
its in the sky, i know, i walk there..brown liquor but i talk clear/
brown skin and from them i inherited all this black hair/
nature vs nurture, dont kno my father either/
least not the one i look like, did he wish that he had took care?/
do i have my mothers eyes, does she ever try to look there?/
and see me reflected see me reflecting on this hook here/
i dare say, life aint fair play/
but the hand that i was dealt was the best in the worst case/
thank you mom and dad. thank you mother and father/
and if i ever find em will they wish that they had never been bothered?/
wish id never been offered, wish they never adopted/
we seen some barney rubble yes, but together we walked it/
crunching gravel underfoot in search of good and glory/
fighting the Nothing flying high a Never Ending Story...


find a faster road to recovery/
i had to push the boundaries to figure out if they loved me/
i acted ugly. i felt unwanted./
i turned my back on many cuz from the beginning i felt affronted/
felt like fuck it, i wish i was anywhere but here/
but i couldn't get what i wanted because all i wanted was not to be stuck there/
its unfair all the sides of me that my mama saw but in my head the voices said 'yayayaya'/
i raged, cursed the world, curled fists and shook mine/
hated the way i looked because i never knew who i looked like/
and when Peggy died, everything was changed/
a fractured family shaken after shattering from the pain/
her children grew closer, my mama had her heart broke/
something was lost in the shuffle and some people let their cards show/
we're healing still, wishing, feeling like i miss you/
still don't know my bloodline, sometimes i close my eyes and i...wish....
Track Name: White Town
are you familiar? with this grey haze i blow/
spit the lines they make nate tightrope/
walk. I'm a hawk when the sky glow/
sunrise, sunset, than I'm home/
alone like McCauley/
just me and the anger that made me a bully/
I'm better as a good guy i know/
can't read those lines with my eyes closed/
and i can't seem to find, where i go/
self conscious chin up but eyes low/
broad shoulders, one with the chip on/
probably the same el diablo's sitting on/
cuz me and Dios, we no hablo/
its like we know each other there, but we shy though/
I'm either livin in a glare or a shadow/
death is easy its life thats a battle/
some of us live life like cattle/
and some of us snakes i can tell cuz you rattled/
my mind is addled its my ego/
when we hang together the trouble goes where we go/
jumpin double dutch with these mic cords/
mind doin flips thinking what is life for/
tying up a noose with these mic cords/
so when you leave me here...leave the lights on...

eyes downcast, die cast too/
Old Boy feel trapped like I'm Oh Dae Su/
i think the sky is blue/
if you had never looked up you wouldn't know i flew/
Superman is in a cape/
me im goin bananas on a Planet of the Apes/
i gotta get out soon/
take it back to my youth like Goodnight Moon/
find me Where the Sidewalk Ends/
call it hiphop hopscotch in high top vans/
she's in high heels when i walk in/
and no i don't make dollars but i talk sense/
her lashes are venus fly traps in disguise/
I'm in danger cuz I'm fly in her eyes/
i see through her disguise/
but I'm lost too so I'm fine with her lies/

sippin scotch with pops, which is rarely the deal/
mixed with disappointment which is barely concealed/
cuz I'm just a shiftless musician/
as if i can't heal with these stories I'm spittin/
stick to my principles stick to my story/
rub those sticks together til my heart flame roaring/
and i have done wrong in my life/
so i guess whats left, is to turn right/
take that inner flame, let it burn bright/
put me in the game i bet ima earn stripes/
and ive lived a good life/
if tomorrow get erased, what would you write...?
Track Name: TeenSpirit
a mulatto an albino my libido a mosquito/
im a rhymer whipping product in the kitchen like a dealer/
sipping the tequila, following the worm/
living with this fever I'm just swallowing the burn/
hollow as an urn ash mixed in with the blood/
tattooing steps to fix a dying world with the Love/
load up on the guns, aim em at the mirror/
i am Alice in the rabbit hole slowly disappearing...
got me feeling like...
thank you to my parents, fuck you to my parents/
change my appearance when I'm feeling like a parrot/
gotta switch it up in this world of carbon copies/
I'm the knife for cutting bulbs when the farmer harvest poppies/
worse at what i do best, cursed yet I'm so blessed/
shotty painting sunsets, canvasing the northwest/
flip the flag on top of the pole/
I'm like Kurt I'm just lost in a Hole/
half a bottle and some pills for the kids since they blame us/
like 'here we are now and you better entertain us'/
looking up to entertainers/
never seen so many big heads and still so many brainless/
shh shik shik this should be quick and painless/
unless i miss and blow my ear off always aimless/
damaged. dammit im a man and a savage/
lived my whole life just a bit above average/
ask em, anything i touch turn to platinum/
at least in my mind thats what happens when i imagine/
they tell me thoughts build the world around us/
they tell me shots bring the girls around us/
they tell me plot and rewards is boundless/
work hard and hard work'll turn into thousands/
millions, but money don't make me happy/
so while i work hard can't forget about the balance/
work to get rid of my weight drop some ballast/
heal with my hands get rid of the weights callous...smooth...

as i move through the motions/
crawl out of this ditch like a witch brewing potions/
bring alive the dead, zombies have no focus/
sutures in my lips pursed cursing Hocus Pocus/
hurt working through this opus/
magnum to my head transformed to telescope and/
zooming forward, moving from the hopeless/
still SeattleCaliFragilisticExtraHellaDopeness/
unbelievable history/
tatted on my arm cuz it was all that was lifting me/
our little tribe has always been/
and it will be til the end whether ending or begin/
in my dreams i am famous, stupid and contagious/
with the lights out its less dangerous/
said in my dreams i am famous, stupid, and contagious, with the lights out its less dangerous...
Track Name: You Know You're Right
ok im in my own world, leave me here ill never bother you/
rounded many suns except the one that i was father to/
hounded many 'ones' kept a couple and i lost a few/
they live in my heart but i broke theirs so we don't talk it through/
id love to fix and mend but really its impossible/
they were never mine cuz i was toxic killed the cockatoo/
birds of a feather they were great cuz I'm an awesome dude/
that feathers used for verses now calligraphy is optimal/
i stepped over the line so many times i know what not to do/
my lines are scribed in scripture hipsters flip for what i offer to/
the game, dark horse with a fantastic shot/
Members Only hippy spazzin on some damn classic rock/
and the plans that i got get me jazzed as i bop/
as hard as anybody in this city and really its a pity if you think I'm not/
i stay trippy like i just can't walk/
i stay spitting like i just can't talk/
i stay winning ilke i was Emilio's brother and Martin was my pop/
i don't eat cake I'm such a Duck/
Bash Brother knuckle puck/
buckle up I'm punching clutch and burning rubber like i fuck/
like Speedy Gonzalez leaving Nogales eating tamales filled with gun/
powder bada boom rappers got a lot of goons/
me i got a lot of brothers from other mothers I'm zoomed/
out with the lenses make you use your weather eye/
and every time you hear me spit its ooh raw like Semper Fi/
did i mention this is Hy I'm your greatest plan B/
slept on but still respected Hyphen8d MC/

see me all about perspective spitting angles poppin vectors/
im an animal can i ball like dr lecter/
restrained, but when I'm off the nectar/
im a force to be reckoned with reckon I'm off the richter/
an my dudes seen me crazy they accept me know my center/
plus i got so much patience for SOTA I'm dr pepper/
so throw salt and we'll go on/
changing the game and doing it like nobodies ever done/
ok I'm done/
I'm through like portals my wound is mortal/
im bleeding out blood in the water u see the dorsals/
its teeth to morsels me versus these poor souls/
and i shall be the one to blah blah blah as it was foretold/
hahaha I'm more cold than the polar/
bears toe nails his stubby tail and his molars/
and the coke bottles he's probably tripping over/
im a classic ur a vlasic just the side to my order/
ride through the border with some drugs in my rectum/
normally id share my stash but id probably infect em/
leave em baked like convection laid out on a cookie sheet/
staked out like detection somebody come take a look at me ugh/
im shining like nirvana attained/
I'm out here but can u tell like I'm crying in the rain/
im introspective and selective about who with i hang/
im tryna get down on this like Kool and the Gang...
Track Name: Waterfalls
it shoulda been easier it coulda been harder//
i coulda been starvin eatin beans out the larder/
human bein in my jeans an a cardi- gan/
man its damage in all departments/
compartmentalize the lies and the fly shh/
part man part animal a hybrid/
im rapping into a can with a string attached an its tightened/
so if u do not hear me now the connection is all about timin/
im doin wells HG or Orson for the greater portion of my life i might as well have been aborted/
adopted bored with the doctor an his attending/
i was a lord in a past life and now im just here pretending/
gotta earn what i think i deserve create the balance/
initiate the challenge, overcome it while im smilin/
no mans an island spirits the ocean/
an even when im wilin when i spit u hearin devotion/
Bel Biv Devoe shit, ima do me/
my parents do not understand so i tell em papa dont preach/
a shotta dont reach unless hes bout to pull it/
shaolin reflexes shoot at me i bite the bullet/
how intrestin the foolery captured pullin them
ingest ur foolish jewelry raps and now im droppin gems/
watch as the ego rears its head than i stop within/
take a second breathe callin in the oxygen/
recall the situations i been in/
if i want different results i gotta change ingredients i put in/
if it sounds like common sense, than we got it in common/
i had to work for mine, still workin overtime in/
this race the pace im holdins not good enough for golden/
all brain no brawn i gotta train an re up on my motions/
its like a premonition that i dont need permission/
surely an epiphany an really i dont mean religiously/
im killing the feeling of misery still in the air im there like where isnt he/
prepare for wizardry its discipline hold to mine rigidly/
im finna be in the beat without the industry spittin soliloquy's ill til they sick of me/
not fallin for trickery, two fingers up reppin my victories/
tune in to everything anything medellin pure and endure to infinity/
I'm gone who's getting me/
if anything ill do it differently/
but ill do it better and weather the weather no matter whatever wherever im setting the bar an I'm clever/
forever vendetta against the offender I'm betting I'm Splinter u Shredder u getting aggressive go get ya barretta and brrratt! no one s hitting me..
thats right no ones hitting me/
my people out doing their own/
and i made it clear that i don't fuck w u unless u is working on grown/
and growth is pain but change is always needed/
for any of us to grow somethings gotta hurt so be it/
Track Name: You Oughta Know
she said...

I'm happy for ya, was happy wit ya/

I'm happy without ya now, get the picture/

picture me as a person you didn't let develop/

now I'm in this mental hospital just tryna spit this pill up/

tryna pull this pillow offa my face and inhale whooo/

damn these words are sharp they impaled you/

you you you you better believe/

i threw out all those lines but u catch and release/

thats heavy as priest judas who is he to you/

oh you're a special class of person like remedial/

encyclopedia travelin havin a ball/

but if i can't have you than nobody should have you at all/

goddammit i fall (fall) just to get up and run it again and pretend that the end is already been stalled (stalled)/

i call, dream, (dream) sleep fitfully/

i thought it worked so well but hell i guess it wasn't fit for me/

she said I'm happy for ya, was happy witya/

I'm happy without ya now, get the picture/

picture me as someone outside the frame/

and if you can't see my face than maybe just remember my name...remember my name...

understand its understood/

wonderland shows u love and its never good/

and now I'm as mad as a hatter/

im ravin at this writing desk as if it ever could matter/

im slavin on this pirate ship feeling all bruised and battered/

but if u work like a slave ull eventually own ur masters/

royalties, the caterpillar remembers me/

the queen of my heart captivated and beheaded me/

time waits for no man the rabbit say/

times the great illusion my habits say/

i drink the potion eat the toadstool/

i grow and shrink and shrink and grow the dreams that ive sold u/

so share share beware stare and blink/

alls fair in love and war until ur too scared to think/

im in sync with instincts, I'm having visions/

i lapse into solipsism and its wack religion/

flow monastic, good soul but spastic/

good hold on the practical but i could get rid of the plastic/

I'm acid mescaline Hunter S/

the brown buffalo lightning eyes thunder chest/

running naked in the square I'm underdressed/

painkillers dissolving where the hunger rest/

and all because I'm under duress and searching for love/

but its only in my head because because

I'm happy for ya was wit ya/

I'm happy without ya now get the picture/

picture me as a slide show not a cartoon/

not every image is negative in this dark room/
Track Name: Anything
now i would do anything and you have done everything/
so let me figure out the wedding ring and the settling/ down
burn like acetalyne torches my fortress is crumbling to the ground/
my armor is off (off) my heart has gone soft/
thats better than hard and im artist off top/
and uve let me do the party an the molly on tour/
gave me trust and i dropped it, broke it and im sorry/
but u kno all that tho an we agreed its in the bygones/
so let them be them lets figure out wat u and hy on/
and hi mom owe u apologies too/
before i get mine from u heres wat im gonna do/
blow steam in this lyrical form/
so it doesnt metastisize into physical harm/
one day ill live on a farm and teach my children to grow food/
i still got some skills to develop some things to go through/
and wat i owe you and you and you and you and them/
goes deeper than the needle when its goin through the skin/
not a beatle not a prince just a regular joe and im happy/
heh and if i happen to blow from this rapping/
leave an example that i pass like batons at a track meet/
stay as strong as i can be do anything for you/
proceed provide stay loyal/
a family man with a camera in hand/
until im old an decrepit than im back to the land/
than back to square one, farewells but no fair ones/
so cock it if u got it put it in the air and spare one/
be aware that that bullet will fall tho/
were a generation lost and im playin wheres waldo/
here i am and im hy like an alto/
i love you all so ima let u all kno ill do...
Track Name: Physical
where we going now? why we slowing down?/
(slowing down) is it too late to turn around?/
i can't feel myself, can i feel you?/
i used to love getting this lost hope i still do/
(i used to love getting this lost lost lost lost)

twisted path leaving even in the back/
heading straight for odd feel my breathing start to lapse/
seeing artifacts and fossils pieces i thought id lost em/
psylocibin giving faces to whats long forgotten/
I'm like a fungus cave dweller dark times/
im feelin ornery like i think i need some sunshine/
synapse snap slappin gray matter like drumline/
sometimes i wanna ingest something and unwind/
and other times it gets me wound up (wound up)/
i feel the sinking feel the sloshing from the ground up/
i feel like drinking feel like moshing feel like now what??/
i feel like hiding think I'm swimming in a round tub/
full of jello hello white rabbit how u found us?
time slips away faces melt off/
I'm feeling loopy like I'm tryna put my belt on/
belting out sounds like I'm thunder in a hell storm/
fire and brimstone, i love the smell of sulfur/
i feel my skin getting picked off i tell the vulture/
im not dead yet i think its just a flesh wound/
he says whats it matter when ur living in a test tube/


colors sound like wolves and hover crafts come/
I'm now the lightning while the same thunder crashing/
I'm in the indie 500 on crash run/
i guess I'm just an indie hipster rapper with a bad one/
all the labels (labels) are getting boring (boring)/
I'm feeling able writing fables like I'm story boarding/
talking to elves and giants i find myself a riot/
im laughing in the mirror thinking i got 50 eyes/
poison in my veins hallucinate/
mike tyson in the drug ring and u just cruiser weight/
it only takes u one hit it takes me 2 to 8/
ima pop a couple pills head back and ululate/
teen wolf looking for a dream girl to date/
find our own patch of peace in this mean world of hate/
poor me poor me poor pour me another/
im a chop it up and stretch it out and sink into a gutter/
yes lifes a mother I'm a son of a pistol/
moms goodnight kiss'll separate bone from gristle/
its the dawn of a new age i hope u don't miss it/
moms son set the tone I'm a bullet aimed at a witness/

Track Name: Im in Hell
a tin star on my vest i cock my sheriffs ruger/
im shooting and falling from the sky like a paratrooper/
im barely moving, but it feels like I'm a whirlwind/
85 bonnie and clyde me and my girlfriend/
still they tell me only death is certain/
so i ink the symbols of a shaman on my person/
i believe in healing feeling like I'm always workin/
but they call me lazy cuz they can't see my mind turning/
oh they feel my vibes and they'd miss me if i was truant/
I'm out of the inner circle a body worker i intuit/
far be it for me to see it and them do it/
heart beatin hard in this dark season of mens ruin/
ungh mother earth is bearing scar tissue/
the rape of land and sea why now i share these bars with you/
covered in concrete adhesions no movement/
like we are the legion of doom doomed to confusion/
I'm losing my grip on sanity/
I'm riding the ripple and I'm trapped in the middle of crippling vanity/
I'm on a journey thats far harder with plenty rations/
i carry cargo of marvels marble and pretty fashion
some lie and garble, stop the flow wit a pinching action/
I'm Hy Lombardo with Leonardo da Vinci passion/
I'm seeing stars go far my cites interactions/
are showing a knowing and understanding of whats really happenin/
brilliant factions living art while they kill at rapping/
our city's chilly but filled with illy like philly wrappers/
blunt full of kill top billing I'm feeling dapper/
Don Draper we all major you barely factors/
i may not agree with some peoples subject matter/
but ill put my region on my shoulders lift it to the rafters/
cuz i believe in the soldiers here thats getting drafted/
in the fight to make the northwest what is really cracking/
oh its a war heads impaled at the garrison/
sends a message clear words pale in comparison/
worlds turn burn and melt wax paraffin/
while my guitar gently weeps george harrison/
i wax poetic wax noetic ask the seraphim/
a band of angels and a band of merry men Errol Flynn/
a swashbuckler arrows aimed at healing/
im appealing to the core of feed the poor and fight the terrorists/
domestic, ruling body, chimericans/
obsessed with the club and the ice like Nancy Kerrigan/
I'm on my knees asking why why embarrassment/
is stopping us from offering love when we're aware of it/
im so prepared for it a shift from the cosmos/
i find myself with lost souls feel in like a fossil/
bone broken in my nostrils/
eyes swollen shut but still ill see u at the crossroads/
Track Name: Drifting and Fading
m a drifter adrift a rift in the time space/
continuum continue on on my way/
thats the Hy way so theres no ors about it/
if ands or buts im up shits creek no oars around me/
the force abounds jedi red eye flight/
moon walk Anniken Skywalk an i might/
sky write with the jet stream/
an Hy been nice since the day i guess i meant to say nights of wet dreams/
they testin my seams i might bust at em/
fight scenes Bruce Jet or Spike Lee/
get me muy caliente get a muy thai knee/
since the boy Tiny no Zeus Lister/
its been a duel hy noon no truce mister/
not about the beef i aint common or fake/
its about what i dont say get it....../
the comments i make some outta frustration/
but im sleepless in seattle at the bus station/
i need a way out, i might take a grey hound/
pack up my bags an my lady hit hawaii an lei round/
face brown from the sun been around the sun/
26 times an i kno wat its like to waste time/
an that way aint mine anymore/
so much change my head is sore/
ill make do with small cake like a petit four/
quoth the raven nevermore but im a hawk brother/
wait til were all over the bread like hot butter/
theres so much more to life and notice i did not stutter/
buts its like i did how i had to relearn to speak/
it used to be u fucked up now its turn the cheek/
i dont let words come out if they could hurt the weak/
nobody's hard all the time it takes work to be/
our issue is firm leads to infirmary/
scar tissue needs to be massaged so convert with me/
converse with me no peace could hurt hercules/
shine a light cuz words is heavier than earths mercury certainly/

but they working I'm working on it/
they hurriedly tryna manufacture perfect moments/
im laying back in the current searching the earth exploring/
an when the time comes ill be ready for it/
adapt and realize i miss my kin/
feel attacked and understand acceptance starts within/
my heart brims when i think about what i have/
what I've lost what I've never known come right back/
its always there as a lump in my throat/
i could hang myself with it or start jumping this rope/
i double dutch been in trouble much many times/
i crossed my eyes dotted my xl tees an crossed plenty lines/
fitted low thug attitude like fuck yall/
now in my head to everyone i see i love yall/
years frowning drowning in tears never let fall/
got a spring in my step its magic like presto/
the trick is be in the moment and let go/
put your Chi into the bass like the Deftones/
im so alive broadcasting from the deadzone/
so twilight/
an you don't have to follow me to see the hylights/
I'm just trying to put together things from my life/
theres pyrite or shine bright/
you not sure I'm Nasir with my mic/
fans jonesin for that all around factor/
you can see the bones I've made like a compound fracture/
i been around in the booth with my bredren/
my city can see the method to my madness like redman/
nonchalant flow molasses and deadpan/
the ambience grows Jackie Onassis when heads blam/
ima crawl up out the car before the feds can/
stop pull us over leave us leaking like a sweatband/
yes ma'am i go on like a game of chess can/
but every word dropped in a plot and a complex plan/
sike i just channel it and ride the beat/
you can have the dot com love ill take some comraderie/
optometry vision clear solid peek/
I'm the Dali Llama when rhyming holla for shaman speak but i might be...
Track Name: Oceans
good kid lost way held hostage/
by emotions i didn't kno how to process/
no stage no manual how to not rage/
so rage i did and rage i will still not saved/
no jehova just me and my motorola/
which means its my call I'm all over the quota/
as far as data, i kno the information/
now i gotta put it into practice indignation/
bout the fact i need changing still wearing out my patience/
my ego kills its a lil devil in my face and/
on my shoulder like rifle butts and I'm tired of aimin/
I'm ready to take the shot pop drop the fuckin laymen's/
im a cayman an anaconda no ice cube/
she j lo i stay hy like gas price do/
nice dude savage world stay cloistered/
sand gritty I'm the pearl jam in your oyster/

gas pedal down makin things happen/
crocodile dundee rockin a snake skin jacket/
pants tighter than rock y'all ready kno this tho/
an if i rock any harder its an overdose/
shave with a bowie knife lived a lowly life/
above radar detections how i know I'm hy/
get right or get left when the mothership leave/
i drink a fifth and act a fool the other fifth plead/
i spit these 16s til my lips bleed/
anger bulking up my frame bill bixby/
gears turning I'm hurtling like a fixed speed/
tryna shed baggage i handle bars like drinks please/
whether handlebar mustache or hair changing/
im reinvented take notes just don't paraphrase me/
and don't be scared baby/
were moving a mile a minute but ur always there w me say it with me/